The best balance bike

Kido will take you to the next level

I can’t wait! I know that parents like to make informed decisions. Check all the details to make sure you’re choosing the best balance bike for me, so that I’m comfortable and happy.
  • Will you buy me a bike
    that I will really like,
    bright like the sun
    so I can have some fun?
  • Will you find me the best
    balance bike out there,
    that will pass the test
    because I know you care?
  • Would you like me to
    safely set off
    on new
  • Would you like me to
    safely set off
    on new
  • Would you like me to
    learn to keep balance
    by myself
    like a champ?

First bike for your child

Makes a perfect gift!

The first two-wheeled balance bike for your child should let them learn to keep balance and to prepare them to use a regular bike with pedals. That’s what Kido does!

Our clever and thoughtful design has been created for children. Kido offers balance bikes for boys and girls aged 2–5. It’s a great bike for children, who can safely develop their confidence and motor skills while having fun.

  • Finding the best balance bike for your child

    Balance bikes are like shoes – you want to make sure they’re the perfect fit. The inseam length is the most important measurement. You’ll have to match it to seat height and find me a bike that lets me sit with my foot on the ground. If you get the correct size, I’ll be confident and comfortable on my bike.

  • Is a bike with no pedals safe?

    I’m still little. Sometimes I can’t control my movements very well – especially when I’m in a hurry. And then I get hurt. I know my safety is your priority, so you’ll check if this balance bike is the right one for me. The shape of the frame, weight, quality of the wheels, seat height, the handlebars and brakes – all this is very important!

  • Children’s bikes – pros and cons

    What’s better for me? A three-wheeled bike or a balance bike? Which wheels are better – foam or inflatable? Which frame is safer – metal or wood? And what about the handlebar? Should it have a lock or not? What about the seat … I heard KIDO bikes have a special handgrip for parents!

  • The balance bike trend

    All my friends already have their bikes. More and more parents decide to get balance bikes instead of three-wheeled bikes and you can read about it on the Internet! I know why, even though I’m small. But I’ll leave this to the KIDO experts, who will explain why a balance bike is the great choice for me.

  • Balance bike – reviews

    Even though I’m only in the kindergarten, I know it’s important to read what other parents are saying so that you can choose the best balance bike for me. You might want to check what other Mommies and Daddies are saying to know what to look for to make sure I’m comfortable, safe and happy. Once you’ve read the reviews, it will be easier to choose.

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