Learning to ride with a balance bike – benefits

Mom, Dad – Kido means benefits!

There are many different balance bikes out there, and the selection in stores is very wide. The best model will let me easily keep my balance and make learning fun. I’ve had other bikes before, but the KIDO balance bike is the best.

See for yourselves:


Comfortable seat with a soft cushion works to effectively eliminate vibrations.

Brake handle

Mounted on the handlebar, the brake handle is made of durable aluminum.


Wider at the ends, the handles will ensure a good grip with no slipping or chafing.


Easy to steer, the handlebar is equipped with ball bearings. Its height (53–60 centimeters) is easily adjusted so it fits your little cyclist.

Quick-close clasp

Adjusting the height of the seat from 35 to 44 centimeters quickly and without any tools.


This stand lets your child rest their legs while riding.


The frame, fork, and handlebars are made from aluminum, which makes the bike lightweight and easy to steer.

Drum brake

This maintenance-free drum brake installed on the rear wheel ensures light and smooth braking.


Inflatable, pneumatic wheels measuring 12” x 1.75 mean stable riding on any surface.


This practical grip lets parents move the bike easily.

Small bike, great joy

Details of the fun

The first balance bike is the perfect alternative to training bikes.

KIDO lets children go in search of new adventures safely and with a smile on their faces before they move on to a regular bike.

Discover all the benefits of balance bikes.

Learn why Kido is the perfect choice for your little cyclist.

For the little and bigger ones

For the little and bigger ones

Our bike is scalable – adjustment of the seat and handlebar lets you perfectly match the bike’s height to your baby. This makes KIDO a one-time cost, because it “grows” with your child until he or she is ready to move on to a regular bike. Perfect for children ages 2–5, with an inseam above 35 centimeters.

For the little and bigger ones
  • Seat adjustment

    Seat adjustment

    The seat, whose height ranges between 35 and 44 centimeters, is adjusted with a quick-close clasp. You don’t need a wrench and can adjust the bike within moments.

  • Handlebar adjustment

    Handlebar adjustment

    The adjustable handlebar with a height between 53 and 60 centimeters ensure the perfect fit and the possibility to adjust it alongside the seat.


Only 4.3 kilograms!

All the elements – the frame, fork, and handlebars are made from aluminum, making the KIDO bike very lightweight at only 4.3 kg. This makes the bike easy to steer and goes easy on the parents when they need to move it.



Clever solutions

At Kido, functionality is one of our priorities. We design our bikes so that the kids are comfortable and safe. We think our practical balance bike is second to none.

  • Ergonomic seat

    Ergonomic seat

    With this comfortable, soft seat, the vibrations are reduced, which protects the spine of your child while he or she is having fun.

  • Pneumatic wheels

    Pneumatic wheels

    To further protect the spine, we use inflatable, pneumatic wheels measuring 12 x 1.75“, which ensure excellent adhesion and stable riding on almost every surface.

  • A practical handgrip

    A practical handgrip

    This practical grip lets parents easily move the bike around or carry it when their child gets tired and decides to walk.

  • Platform


    This stand is part of the bike frame and lets the little cyclist rest his or her legs when they learn to keep their balance.


In every detail!

Our aluminum balance bike was designed to ensure the maximum safety and joy while riding. This is why KIDO has no protruding elements or sharp edges. All the elements of the frame have been carefully selected and made from fault-free, highest quality materials.

  • Drum brake

    Drum brake

    The rear wheel was fitted with an enclosed and reliable drum brake, making it virtually maintenance-free, and most importantly, allowing your child to easily and smoothly reduce their speed.

  • Aluminum brake handle

    Aluminum brake handle

    The distance between the brake handle and the handlebar can be adjusted. Our brake handle, unlike most balance bikes on the market, is made of durable aluminum, not plastic.

  • Brake cable inside the frame

    Brake cable inside the frame

    The fewer protruding elements, the better. In KIDO bikes, we put the brake cables inside the bike frame, eliminating the risk of catching on objects while riding.

  • Safe handles

    Safe handles

    Wider at the ends, the handles will ensure a good grip with no slipping or chafing. Their large, soft ends minimize injuries during falls.

CE marking
KIDO balance bikes have the CE marking, which confirms
that our products meet the European safety regulations.



Our bikes for boys and girls have a unique, stylish look with wonderful colors that will make all adventures look great! All the elements of the KIDO design are there to make riding fun and make sure your child stands out in the crowd.


Easy to use

Putting it together is child’s play

Quick, easy, comfortable – that’s how you’ll assemble the KIDO bike. Just take it out of the box, attach the handlebar and the front wheel, adjust the seat and that’s it – your child can be on their way. The box includes tools for assembling the bike and adjusting the handlebar.

Easy to use
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