Is a bike with no pedals safe?


Of course! As long as the bike is designed with children’s safety in mind, which is the priority of responsible manufactures and, of course, parents. In this article you’ll learn what to pay attention to when choosing a balance bike for your child.


First of all, check if your kid’s first bike has the CE marking. It should be visible on the packaging. If it does, that means it meets the EU’s stringent safety requirements. If your balance bike doesn’t have the marking, you’re taking a risk. In the case of your child’s safety, don’t take any risks.


“High quality materials” are really important. Even more important is the design of the bike. The best ones, like KIDO bikes, don’t have any sharp lines or edges, and no protruding screws. So even if your child collides with their friend or falls from their bike, they won’t get any additional injuries.


Because balance bikes have no pedals, they have to be easily steered by the little ones. This means that the bike’s weight is instrumental, since it directly influences your child’s safety. If the bike is light and tough at the same time, your little one can keep their balance and more easily control it. And even if they fall, the bike won’t hurt them. That’s why all the elements of the KIDO bikes (frame, fork, and handlebars) are made of lightweight aluminum instead of steel. The entire bike, including the brake, weighs only a little over 4 kilograms.


The seat is important in every bike for children, but especially so in a balance bike. For the best effect, it needs to be lined with a soft cushion and work to effectively even out vibrations. All this has impact on protecting your child’s spine while he or she is riding their bike. We designed the seat of the KIDO bike with this in mind, so the little ones can be comfortable and safe.


Braking is another crucial element – it has to be easy and smooth, so the child can intuitively reduce their speed and stop. For this, an adjustable drum brake is the perfect solution. All KIDO bikes are equipped with such brakes, including a durable aluminum handle, while most balance bikes available have plastic handles.

As you know, the fewer protruding elements, the better. That’s why you should choose KIDO – we put the brake cables inside the bike frame, eliminating the risk of catching on objects while riding.


Wheels are also very important for the comfort and safety of your child. Wheels work to absorb shocks and vibrations while riding, while ensuring the correct position and stability of the child, and the proper adhesion to the ground. For these reasons, KIDO bikes have inflatable, pneumatic wheels measuring 12 x 1.75“, which guarantee much better riding comfort than foam tires. Why? Inflatable tires are better at shock absorption, which makes them perfect for the outdoors. Foam tires have low adhesion, which puts the bike at risk of slipping at higher speeds. That’s why foam tires are recommended for indoor use.


If you want your child to be comfortable while riding, check if the handlebars are equipped with bearings. You should also pay attention to what the handlebars are made of and if their ends are wide enough to prevent scuffs and the little hands slipping off. On top of all of these features, KIDO handlebars also have soft padding, which minimizes injuries. Details like these vary between bikes in the same price range and it’s important to pay attention to them. Therefore, when choosing the best product, you can create a checklist and select the model that has the best features. May the best one win!

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