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“The best, most stylish and practical balance bike for children” … these are just words. It’s obvious that the most reliable advertising consists of authentic parents’ reviews. Read their recommendations to make the most informed decision.


All pros and cons of balance bikes come to light when the children themselves test the bikes out. After all, it is the little ones who rate the bikes with smiles, fun, and learning. Parents form their opinions when watching their kids. They verify the quality and functionality of the bikes, noticing all the details. It’s those details that let parents decide which bike is the best, and which should be avoided. Reviews like that can only come from the children and their parents, because their opinion is the only one that matters.


Internet forums are the most reliable source of information, because parents, when exchanging information, have their children’s well-being in mind. That’s why before making a final decision it’s useful to consider opinions that reflect, for example, real quality, type of brake used, and the functionality of the adjustable seat and handlebars. When you take these observations into consideration, you won’t be fooled by products that have good looks, but low quality.


We’re happy to share the reviews of our balance bikes. We’re very please that parents see the high quality of the elements that are our priority when designing the bikes.

“Before I bought KIDO, my daughter would borrow a balance bike from another company from her friend. Unfortunately, the seat kept moving during riding and wouldn’t keep the set height. In order to adjust anything, I needed a specific wrench … When I was choosing our own balance bike, I saw that KIDO is equipped with a quick-release axle clamp, which means that the adjustment is quick and flawless. It turned out to work as advertised. Now my daughter sometimes lends her bike to her playground friends and I can see that other parents need only a few seconds to readjust the bike. I would definitely recommend this product.”

Matylda from Kołobrzeg

“When searching for a balance bike for my son, I visited many shopping malls and markets. All the bikes looked similar. I wanted good quality and stylish appearance, so I decided to shop online. KIDO had the best design, and the description of its features was what convinced me. My son’s been using his KIDO for a few months now and the bike does grow with him. When I see that he needs more room for his legs or starts slouching, I simply adjust the handlebars and seat. Within a few moments, the bike is perfectly adjusted. I recommend KIDO to everyone.

Joanna from Warsaw

“I’m a strong guy, but carrying a bike for a few kilometers can be more tiring than a workout at the gym. I know this because our previous bike weighed almost twice as much as the KIDO. In addition to the lightweight design, it’s worth noting the practical solutions, such as the handle on the seat, no sharp edges and a platform for the kid’s feet. I would definitely recommend KIDO.”

Patryk from Poznań

“For me safety comes first, which is why I went with KIDO. The features that convinced me were the solid build and great reviews of the drum brake, which always works perfectly. The solid aluminum brake handle and hidden brake cable are also very important. I saw many bikes with exposed brake cables from other companies, which made it easy to snag. Besides, a hidden brake cable looks much nicer, which is something my wife and daughter like a lot.”

Paweł from Cracow

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