Baby’s first bike


The bike season is here! Both grownups and older kids love to ride their bikes when the weather allows it. But what about the little ones? Bikes with training wheels are so last season. How to teach your kids riding a bike while staying cool? It’s simple – go with Kido!

A Kido balance bikes is the perfect alternative to three- and four-wheeled bikes. It’s your child’s first set of wheels, which will let them organically learn how to control the bike and acquire motor skills. A balance bike has no pedals, which means at first your child will just walk with it. As they get more confident, children begin to gain momentum and ride their bikes without touching the ground.


Even children as young as two-year-olds can learn to ride balance bikes. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the bike, children easily maintain balance and quickly gain biking skills, such as accelerating and braking, or intentionally changing direction. But a Kido balance bike also means independence and confidence for the little ones, as well as having real fun while learning to ride a bike.


A light Kido balance bike is made from high-quality materials and designed for the little cyclists. As they ride their Kido bikes, children stay upright and do not strain their spines. Each bike has an adjustable seat and handlebars, which means it grows with your child until they can switch to a regular bike. Pneumatic wheels ensure an additional layer of protection of the spine, as well as great adhesion, which make the bike suitable for all surfaces. – In our job there is no room for compromises, cutting corners, or even the smallest risk margins. In the case of your child’s safety, don’t take any risks. This is why, when designing our balance bikes, we focused on the best quality, innovation, and technology. This way we can guarantee your kids will be comfortable and genuinely happy to learn. And as for us, the parents – we’ll know our children are safe. – says Joanna Dyła, owner of Kido Bikes.

All the basic elements of the bike – the frame, fork and handlebars – are made of aluminum. Because of this, the bikes are very lightweight, weighing only about 4 kilograms. This makes them easy for kids to ride and maneuver, and even easier for parents to carry around, using a practical handgrip by the seat. The maintenance-free drum brake installed on the rear wheel ensures light and smooth braking. On top of all that, the bike has no protruding elements or sharp edges to make it safe for your children.

And don’t forget that Kido bikes are stylish and colorful! The bikes’ unique and imaginative design makes all little cyclists visible while they’re on the move. Visit our store!

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