Kido balance bike

Mom, Dad, this is the one I want

I’m two years old and I’m this tall! I’m almost 90 centimeters tall and I can do so many things. I’ll happily go on search of adventure. I just need my own two wheels!

I know that balance bikes for kids are a great help. If I have my own, I’ll learn to keep steady, to accelerate and brake, and my spine will always be straight when I ride. Adjustable seat and handlebar mean I can use my Kido bike until I’m ready to use a grown-up bike for older children.

rowerek dla dziecka

Bikes for boys and girls

The younger and the older

A Kido balance bike is meant to be the first bike for children aged 2–5. Our bikes are best for children who are about 90 centimeters tall, with an inseam above 35 centimeters. Our bikes are smart! They teach your child to control the vehicle and help them develop motor skills before they can ride “grown-up” models with pedals.

Thanks to their clever and ergonomic design, Kido balance bikes give your little ones lots of joy and the highest level of safety. Children learn to keep balance and quickly acquire new skills.

The benefits of biking

Mom, Dad, see why it’s worth it!

I want my first balance bike to be special – that’s why I like KIDO so much! It looks cool and colorful, has brakes, and inflatable tires. There are no sharp edges and you can easily adjust the seat height.

Kido offers multiple benefits. Balance bikes for kids made by Kido let your children enter the world of adventure surely, safely, and with a smile. And when they’re ready, they can move on to real bikes.

A bike with no pedals

Healthy and sporty fun!

I know my safety is your priority, so I know a balance bike from KIDO will be the perfect choice. I will be safe and protected during every ride.

My favorite model has an ergonomic design and it’s made for my small body shape using the best quality materials. You can be certain that my new balance bike will ensure my healthy development.


Baby’s first bike

Go to the Kido store and surprise me with the perfect gift

A balance bike is the perfect alternative to tricycles and training bikes. Mom, Dad – it’s time to take a ride through the KIDO store. There you’ll find children’s favorite thing – KIDO balance bikes in five unique color versions.

Find the one I’ll like best:

Bike accessories

Special like me

A bike is not everything … I’ll need some accessories to make my rides safe and comfortable. In the KIDO store, all accessories are special – like me!

Find the one I’ll like best:

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